The Fat Ladies

The Fat Ladies

Although I'm only little, I have lots of friends already! Every week my Mum takes me to meet with some of the lovely friends she met while pregnant - they're called The Fat Ladies. I love Tuesdays as it means I get to play with Tiernan, Olivia, Milena, Nathaniel & Mackenzie.

The Fat Ladies

Chubby Bubbies Christmas Party - 2007

Our annual Christmas party was a bit more crowded this year, especially seeing as we had the addition of Sam, Stella, Max & Seth to the invitees. We still managed to have a great time playing and having lunch. Of course, the special highlight was a visit from Santa!!! Santa looked a little bit like my Nanna, but I seemed not really notice that - all I could focus on was the fact that he brought with him a new Thomas The Tank Engine Drawbridge for me, and I haven't been able to stop talking about it since!

Santa arrivesGroup hug!A pressie for me?Opening my presentLiv looks suspicious about this whole thingEyes of my pressie Sam!Making tracks with Ari

Chubby Bubbies Christmas 2006

And so, the fair tradition of Chubby Bubby Christmas parties continued today. In a bizarre turn of events, our Mums were able to sit down and enjoy lunch themselves today - it seems another year has made a big difference and that we are much more able to play and occupy ourselves now. Quite frankly though, any party that involves watermelon and chip'n'dip is bound to be a great success for everyone involved!

Oliva, Myself, Mackenzie, Daniel, Ari & Milena
We're pretty cute, huh!Everyone loves watermelon!Mackenzie & I enjoy a spot of sunshineLivvy & I strain to hold back our excitement

Chubby Bubbies Christmas 2005

A lot can change in a year. When our 2004 Christmas photo was taken, most of us weren't even crawling. Now we're walking and talking like real little people. So much so that it was pretty difficult to cram us all onto Tiel's couch this year and get the photo snapped before one or more of us decided to get off and go back to playing. Our Mums cheated - they enlisted the help of a Wiggles video to keep us in place. That might be why we're all looking past the camera in the direction of the TV!

It's a very different picture to the 2004 snapshot down below!
Nathaniel & MackenzieMilena, Tiernan & NathanielOlivia trys to show Jack just where Greg Wiggle is hidingbut someone keeps standing in their way!
Mila Moo

Olivia - my girlyfriend

Olivia turned 1 recently and we had a huge birthday bash for her. It's quite exciting now that we're getting older - our first anniversary will be here before you know it! Liv and her Mum, Sarah, came over this week after the birthday was all done and dusted and they snapped some great shots of us playing together, happy as can be...
What are you looking at?Liv, you do it like this - watch me!That's my girl!

The Girly Chubby Bubbies

Milena the Brutess!

In my little circle of Chubby Bubby friends, there are two girls: Olivia and Milena. Milena is sweet and precious, though a little quieter than Olivia, or so we thought until recently when she tried to gouge my eye out. I'm keeping my distance from her for a while now...

Whoooa - hold me back!

In the meantime, I am of course ever dutiful to the delightful Olivia who is, quite frankly, the love of my life. Olivia is a chirpy, inquisitive and outgoing little princess and recently came over to have a bit of a ham around in the clam. What a figure she cuts in that bikini!!!

Christmas 2004

The Chubby Bubbies at Christmas!

Ari Bear

Milena and Ari were so very kind as to ask us all around to their house to celebrate Christmas. We regularly trash their house and make a mess for their Mum, Tiel, so it was really very kind of them to invite us to do it all again.

I must say though, it was quite the affair! There were presents, Christmas crackers, champagne!!!

Everyone had a touch of Christmas flair to their outfits, though we all progressively got more and more of our kit off during the day as the temperatures continued to soar. It really was a dry run for the real thing - full tummies, sweltering heat, mess everywhere!!!
The Three Ruskateers - Jack, Olivia & MilenaJack and AriMackenzie & JackJack & Nat

Clever little Miss OAnd her Clever little Mummy

Tiernan goes for a rideTiernan, Jack and Olivia are all engrossed in.. something..But Olivia takes off with it leaving a perplexed Tiernan and Jack

Meet Lachlan!
Welcome Lachlan McCurry

I met my new pal, Lachie, while in Melbourne. His Mum, Kylie, used to live in Brisbane and is a founding member of The Fat Ladies. Lachie is coming up to visit us soon and meet all the other Chubby Bubbies, so stay tuned for the details and photos of his visit!

Ye Gads Mum!  You want me to MARRY her!!!

Jack and Olivia, sitting in a tree...

Princess Olivia is a gorgeous little girl and our Mums seem to have agreed we are The Lovebirds of the group. Problem is, we're really not too sure about each other - I mean, she has girl germs!

So you're this Olivia chick...Let's check out your drooly hands...Get back, he's mine! O protects her man.
We're Growing Up....

We're really starting to grow up now and notice that each other exists. These are some photos of a few of us taken in July - we've all grown so much! Nathaniel was busy eating so he missed out on Phot-o-rama, but he's porking up too...

The Chubby Bubbies - Jack, Milena, Olivia, Mackenzie & Tiernan
Tiernan & I playing under the gymIs anyone aware Milena's only wearing a nappy!Mackenzie scopes out the scene...Olivia, Mackenzie & TiernanMilenaIt was all too much for Tiernan

When we were little ....

Sarah & Princess OliviaSleeping Beauty MilenaCuddles with Kylie!Gorgeous smiley SarahBernadette & TiernanKim & NathanielTiel & MilenaMy mate Tiernan & ITug-o-War with TiernanNathanielEeek!  Doesn't she know purple & green should never be seen!