Olivia (My Girlyfriend)

Sarah & Gorgeous Livvy!
Olivia (or, "Voov Voov")

Livvy is my friend. She's one of my very best friends and I like her a lot. I like her Mum too - she's one craaaaazy lady, but very sweet.

Previously, Olivia & her Mum have featured on a page with some of my other friends - The Fat Ladies. Now we're grown up though, we seem to be a lot cuter than we were when we were just babies (if that's possible) and so Mum just keeps taking more and more photos. Which means, Liv now needs a page of her very own!

2008 with Santa

Each year, since our very first Christmas, Livvy & I have been to visit Santa together at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. It's a lovely tradition that we really enjoy - the visit to Santa is made all the more special because we get to do it together. Althought Liv & I don't see each other as much as we used to now that we're both big kindy kids, we still really enjoy each other's company and love playing with one another.

This year's visit to Santa was fraught with drama for our mothers as Max and Sam were not particularly keen on Santa. Liv & I had a ball though - we dutifully informed Santa of what things we would like to receive, promised him we'd been very good and quizzed him as to whether he thought he could fit three bikes and a trampoline on his sleigh. He seemed to think it was a fairly good possibility, which kept us both pretty happy.

The Big 4!
Livvy turns 4!

Olivia turned 4 on the 3rd March 2008 and had a fabulous fairy party to celebrate. I must love Livvy a lot because I even allowed myself to be convinced into dressing up for the party - though perhaps only because the costume was more dressing down than dressing up. Mama & I had to make a couple of stops on the way to the party and I got some very strange looks! There were some great games and Sarah was really clever with the party bag stash and popped some Thomas in my bag!!! We had a ball and in particular, loved playing about together at the end of the party once everyone else had gone home.

Liv demands a cuddle
And I happily give in!
Feel The Lurve...

There's no one in the world (except maybe for Mama) that I love to spend time with more than Livvy. She's always so much fun and we just play beautifully together - there's rarely an issue with sharing. She's the ying to my yang (as in, she's the energetic one and I'm the contemplative one!). I miss her when I don't see her (and ask Mama if she can come and stay over in my bed) and often just make her a cup of tea in my kitchen or phone her on the Thomas phone.


We hired some extra toys for a BBQ recently. So as not to waste them, Mum made sure as many kids as possible got to play on them, especially the ones we really like! Miss O and I had heaps of fun and looked thoroughly adorable, as you can see!

Liv ready for playingand jumping!She's coming, she's coming!Hey pretty girl, wanna flower?I'm so excited to see her...But then she's gone...
But two can play that game!