The Biffin Kids

Jack and The Biffin Kids

Jessica Biffin is my cousin - she was born just 1 week earlier than I was. Jess and I love to get together and I'm not quite as worried about her girl germs now as I was at first.

Amelia Biffin is Jess's little sister and is still very, very tiny. She doesn't do a lot yet except sleep and eat, but I think that seems like a pretty cosy life really!

The latest addition to the Biffin clan arrived just after my baby brother, Sam, was born. Tyler Biffin will help to balance out the girl germs - in fact, there's now more boys than girls!

Amelia, Jess & Sam, Tyler & me
Good old fashioned fun in the pool!
The Travelling Biffins Come Home!

Jess and her family have been touring around Australia for the past little while and seeing all sorts of exciting things. Luckily for me, they came home just after Christmas 2007 and I've gotten the chance to catch up with them. Amazingly, within a couple of minutes of re-getting to know each other, we've just fallen back into our friendships which is lovely for our Mothers to see! Sam and I went down to visit them in early February and, of course, had a whale of a time!

Have I got something in my teeth?
She's really into group hugs!!!
Mmmmm, Chocolate!

Both Mum and Deb's birthdays are just a week apart in June. So on Friday, 16th June we went down to Jess and Amelia's house to visit and have birthday cake. It was great fun - I'm still not convinced about Jess and girl germs though!

Visiting Jess & Baby Mila's House

Mum and I went to visit Deb, Jessica and Amelia today now that they have settled in at home. I was very interested in seeing Baby Amelia again, though not so impressed when she started to cry.

Jess and I had lots of fun playing with bubbles and Mum and Deb had a really good chance to catch up. It's hard to believe we were once as small as Baby Amelia!
Too many girls in this room!Lucky I'm in touch with my feminine side.She sleeps pretty soundly!Cowgirl Jess!

Jess has a sister!!

I went with Mum, Dad and Nanna to visit Jess's new sister, Amelia Jean. She arrived on Saturday, 15th October 2005 at 8:26pm weighing 7lb 15oz.

Amelia was very small, all wrapped up and ...well... slept the whole time. I can't wait until all three of us are running around.
Baby Meanie - as I called herSleeping...More Sleeping..I even wore my best dressing gown to visit her!
Max & Milly!

Jess invited me down to go to a New MacDonalds Farm show with her to meet Max and Milly! It was such fun! There was lots of dancing and singing. I was very, very tired so I didn't get down and boogie as much as I think I wanted to, but it was still a great adventure.

Jess is about to have a new baby brother or sister soon and I think that's going to be quite an adventure too!!!!!
Mum seems to be having fun...And Jess certainly is...but I'm a little unsure (& very tired!)

Attack of the Cuddly Flowers...

Jess has these giant flowers, which her Gran bought for her. At first I thought they were cool - almost like a Fred Astaire dancing stick. Then it came time for cuddles and I thought maybe I could hide behind them to avoid the girl germs, but Jess found me anyway!

Maybe she can't see me?Nope, she got me!

Play Mates!

Jess and Deb came to visit today, bringing with them a barrell of fun, as usual. First we played in the sandpit, rode my bike, read some books and had some lunch (sharing cobs of corn).

Jess is a gorgeous little girl and lots of fun to play with. Our Mums love to watch us play together and reflect on how quickly we've grown up. They get more time to actually have a conversation and drink their tea now - as long as they keep one eye on the mischief Jess & I are creating!
Like the boink on my head? It's from earlier in the day, not from Jess!Chowing down on some cornLeaning in for a kiss...And a non-night cuddle!
The One Year Olds!

Jess came for a visit to my house the other day and we played together for the first time as one year olds. It's very exciting for our Mum's - we interact so well together and can play for ages while they sit down and have a chat, so everyone wins!

Getting re-acquaintedJess tucks into her lunch

A Visit to Santa

Periodically, Mum & Deb meet to catch up and for Jess and I to play together. We did so recently at Toombul Shopping Centre and thought we'd go and visit Santa - it didn't go as well as I think Mum and Deb might have hoped though!

Jess, all dressed up for Christmas!We are given detailed instructions on how to behave during the approaching photo shoot...Great Nanna tries to explain it all to us...And we tolerate a few photos with our Mummies...
But NO WAY are we sitting on THAT guy's lap!!!!

We're BIG kids now!

Deb & JessGet off me!Just lazing around.I'm trying to teach her how to use it...The day wouldn't be complete with a traditional Jack & Jess shot!

When we were babies....

JessMy Aunt Deb and my new cousin JessHey, her outfit is much nicer than mine!Jess germs!Jess thinks her jokes are sooooo funny.Jess is stealing her toy back - how rude.She's just so scary!You want to do what??? Take our toys away!!!Mum - she's getting too close again!!!