Calvin Atkinson

Stephen plays "Chefs"
Calvin Returns!

Calvin and his gorgeous parents, Stephen & Sascha, returned to Australia briefly in April 2008 for a visit. It was great to see Calvin and see how much he'd grown and developed. He's a lovely little boy who is clearly very clever and switched on. He is only 9 months older than Sam but it made a big difference to how I could play with him and we had a great time together. I woke up the day after his visit quite sad that he had gone and taken his Dad with him too - I took quite a shine to Stephen and would have been quite happy for them all to stay!
The 3 boysDinnertime!Calvin searches for the on switch
Speed Racer Calvin

Calvin shows off his moves!
He's a mini-me!!!!

Calvin is the son of Mama and Dada's friends, Stephen Atkinson and Sascha Hallett. He is a bundle of energy and at only six months old can crawl and climb up on stuff already (which must make his parents lives quite tiring, I imagine).

Calvin presently lives in Oregon, USA and made his first visit to Australia in March 2007 when we first met. I've been quite taken with him and I hope he comes back again soon! Calvin, is also very lucky to have his own website - - we are the techno generation!