Welcome to JacksVille


Hi everyone and welcome to my website – a place where my friends and family can visit to keep up to date with what’s happening in my life. It can be hard for me to make sure everyone knows everything that is going on – have I been accepted by NASA as the world's youngest astronaut yet, what is the name of the smallest dinosaur – that sort of thing. Now, you can visit this site at your own leisure, see Mum & Dad's picture of the week and catch up on all the Jack details and events.

A big thank-you must go to Weird-Uncle-Joelie and Not-Quite-As-Weird-Auntie Kate for designing this site. I hope you enjoy it!

News & Events in brief

  • 2nd July 2012 - You'll all be glad to know, we are still live and well. Our websites just haven't had a lot of attention from our Mama recently - she's been busy giving it to us in person instead! It seems the easiest way to catch everyone up on what's happening, is with one very large giant update.